Asset Advisory

Almost always our advisory briefs commence with a period of discovery where we assist our clients’ understand and document their proposed property development or existing asset investment base. This essentially boils down to several relatively straight forward considerations;

(i) what property and infrastructure assets do you own or lease;
(ii) where are these assets (there distribution / location);
(iii) what condition are they in;
(iv) what is the financial commitment required to sustain the organisations current assets and any planned acquisitions (net of divestments) through their estimated life; and finally,
(v) what asset information and financial management systems are in place to manage the asset base going forward.

Strategy and planning advisory services 

Thompson Wentworth can assist you with intelligent advice on single property assets or entire portfolios. This may range from due diligence, option analysis and business case build support for new or future acquisitions or investments. Alternatively our support may take the form of enhancement, rehabilitation, repositioning and or divestment plans for currently held assets.

Real estate & asset information & financial management solutions

21st century property and asset management will be data driven. Fact based decision making is an essential ingredient in today’s development and investment market. One can’t manage what one doesn’t know. Thompson Wentworth’s asset information & financial management solutions (systems specifications, establishment, data collection, cleansing, migration and integration) better position our developer, owner and investor clients to make more informed and fact based asset investment and management decisions.

Like most other business sectors the property industry is faced with its fair share of disruption. Developers and owners of real estate like all suppliers of products and services are competing for customers (purchasers and or occupiers) of their development or investments. Technology enablement across our land, property and built environment estates go to the heart of making these assets classes efficient, effective and competitive, and hence attractive to own, manage or occupy.

Thompson Wentworth’s Digital Real Estate transitions business assists our property and infrastructure owners prepare their assets for a 21st century digital economy with practical machine-2-machine and internet of things (IoT) solutions for their land, built environment and fixed and mobile plant & equipment investments.

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