Property & Asset Management Solutions for a Digital World

What is Digital?

For Thompson Wentworth and our clients, being digital is about leveraging technology to deliver traditional asset management services in a completely new way.

Digital means different things to different people. It is most commonly linked with technology enablement (e.g. conversion of paper based information to a form that can be stored, retrieved, analysed and managed by computer) or as a means of communicating and engaging with an audience.

When we talk Digital in an asset management context, we talk about 'Digital Infrastructure & Systems', 'Digital Real Estate' and the impact of technology on improving how we have traditionally undertaken the management of infrastructure and real estate assets.

Digital Infrastructure & Systems

Digital infrastructure within an asset management context typically comprises a public or private communications network (e.g. satellite, fibre, cellular or wifi) that connects a facility (or a portfolio thereof), it’s plant and equipment assets and their embedded sensors, monitors and controllers.

Digital systems are the information management platforms and applications that use the digital infrastructure to communicate real time visibility of an asset or a facility’s operating environment and performance.

It is this technology mix that supports our day to day voice, messaging & data requirements and the emerging system2system or machine2machine networks that are poised to become ubiquitous across all future infrastructure and real estate asset portfolio's, ultimately improving how traditional property and asset management services are provided.

Digital Real Estate

Digital real estate is the tenure that secures the rights of occupancy for the communications infrastructure and supporting facilities (i.e Digital Infrastructure) on or within terrestrial land, property & building estates.

Digital Real Estate Services

The professional property and asset management services required by:

  • Owners and managers of infrastructure estates (REIT’s, body corporates, resource companies, utilities, broadcasters, data centre operators, entertainment organisations and other special purpose property owners and operators such as education institutions, health and aged care businesses).
  • Public telecommunication carriers and their selected prime equipment vendors.
  • Private network operators such as government and municipal agencies who own or operate digital infrastructure assets to support their core business (e.g. electricity, transport, water, local councils, law enforcement, fire & ambulance).

Applying Digital

In undertaking digital transitions within their asset portfolios, our clients are typically pursuing the following smart asset management outcomes;

  • Identification of their plant, equipment and machinery ('things') inventories i.e the what, where, in what condition, useful life & economic value detail pertaining to asset inventories.
  • Ongoing tracking and locating of these assets; real time visibility of the environmental conditions and performance; remote monitoring and control of these assets.
  • Enabling automated situational adjustments to these assets in response to environmental influences and the behavioural demands of the assets users / occupiers.

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