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Property and Body Corporate Asset Management

Thompson Wentworth commenced providing property and asset management services to landlords and unit developers in Wellington in the early 80’s. Since this time we have operated across New Zealand providing independent property and asset management services to developers, investors and owners within the commercial, industrial and residential real estate sectors.

Our Property and Body Corporate Asset Management Services

We support our Property and Body Corporate Clients across the total lifecycle of their property investment(s);


  • Strategy
  • Policy
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Master Asset Management Plans

Asset Acquisition

  • Asset Planning
  • Site Scoping
  • Opportunity identification and market search
  • Negotiation and Settlement management

Asset Creation (or re-creation)

Project Management of;

  • Insurance Claims
  • Design and Engineering inputs into new property or rehabilitation of existing property & facilities
  • Relevant Authority consent applications & approvals
  • Construction contracts

Asset Management

  • Property Management
  • Body Corporate Management
  • Facility Management

Asset Divestment

  • Capital Recycling and divestment of surplus or non-core assets

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